Friday, 2 December 2016

Couture Ultimates website and video launched

Couture Ultimates have just launched a new website for their new and innovative seamless and ladder-proof tights.

The website provides information about the collection and you can purchase all nine Couture Ultimates styles directly.

A new video has also been launched that provides further information about the Couture Ultimates collection.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Couture Ultimates tights now available at Stockings HQ

Hosiery retailer Stockings HQ is now selling the full range of the revolutionary new Couture Ultimates seamless and ladder-proof opaque tights.

As we have already reported, the Couture Ultimates tights have a unique and genuinely ground-breaking ladder-proof and seamless construction. While traditional hosiery is knitted in tubes made of horizontal rows, the Couture Ultimates are made with vertical lines in one piece with no body seam.

This makes them 100% ladder proof (not just ladder resistant) with leg shaping and light control.

The whole Couture Ultimates range is available at Stockings HQ with a 15% discount.

You can still read our feature on Couture Ultimates and interview with Allan Falconer, the director of Legwear International, the brand behind Couture Ultimates.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

News from Activskin

Activskin, the US-based men's legwear retailer, has just relaunched their website with a fresh look and design.

Check it out here.

The website now has great images of men styling pantyhose and tights from the range in stock at Activskin.

Activskin are now offering patterned tights for men from the Italian brand Emilio Cavallini.

Video review of Couture Ultimates Seamless and Ladder Proof Victoria Tights

Men's legwear blogger Andreas, who writes the Legwear Fashion for Men blog, has uploaded a new video review.

You can read our interview with Andreas and view his previous Legwear Fashion Video reviews here.

Andrea now reviews the new Couture Ultimates Victoria Tights.

You can read our review of this Couture Ultimates style here. You can purchase these tights at UK Tights.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Heist launches inclusive, body-positive campaign

The innovative hosiery brand Heist, the makers of 'intelligent tights', have launched a remarkable new campaign to promote Heist tights.

Heist worked with brand engagement agency RAPP to create a bodywear campaign that does not feature any bodies.

Heist co-founder, Edzard Van Der Wyck, comments:

“Heist thinks very differently about how it designs tights. And RAPP's campaign thinks as differently about how to sell them."

RAPP executive creative director, Ben Golik, says of the campaign: 

"Using prickly pineapples to show mood and beautifully veined melons to suggest age, Heist can talk about form and complexity, without being myopically focused on appearance. We've abandoned the tired clichés of a tiresome category. This campaign is positive, provocative and above all, inclusive."

What is notable about this campaign is that is perhaps one of the first to take a gender inclusive approach to marketing tights. This perhaps also reflects that 10% of Heist's customers identify as male.

This is a great step forward for how tights are marketed to men. There is, in this campaign, no need to have the tights worn and modelled by men. The campaign itself embraces inclusivity on every level.

As Heist state:


Heist make clear, on a recent Instagram post, that men, along with anyone who likes to wear tights, will be welcomed

"We want to reach out and celebrate everyone who enjoys wearing tights. Men. Women. Non-binary. Whatever. You’re all important to us and, at Heist, we are inspired by each and every one of you. We’d like to get to know you. We’d like to proudly share some of your pictures in tights and even your stories. We don’t care about gender or how you identify. We care about you. We care about making tights that work for you. That keep you comfortable. That fit you perfectly. Share your pictures with #WhateverYou and watch this space. We’ll be posting the best ones soon."

Hosiery For Men congratulates Heist and RAPP on this fantastic campaign.

Show your support by using the #WhateverYou hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

Even better, visit the Heist website and check out their wonderful tights, which are available in all sizes.

You can read our recent post on the launch of the Heist THE EIGHTY opaque tights. We have received samples of these and will publish a review shortly.

Reviewed: warmlegs 300 denier fleece-lined thermal tights

Hosiery retailer Love Your Legs sent us a pair of the warmlegs 300 denier fleece-lined thermal tights to trial and review.

Love Your Legs recommended these tights for men as part of our recent series on Fight the freeze: recommend winter and thermal tights for men.

They said:

"These are full coverage, fleece lined tights. They are thick, soft and warm. They are a best seller and men will love them!."


The packaging for these tights is very simple. The tights are folded and held in position by a card clasp.

Material and features

The warmlegs 300 denier fleece-lined thermal tights feel thick and very soft when you remove them from the packaging.

They are made from 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane.

Opaque coverage is full and dense as you would expect at 300 denier.

The outside of the tights is very smooth. The inside is lined with a warming fleece plush.

Seams are flat throughout.

The waistband is 3cm wide.

In the Large/Extra Large size that I tired, there is a 7cm wide comfort panel on both sides (front and back) of the brief/panty.

Fit and sizing

The warmlegs 300 denier fleece-lined thermal tights are available in three sizes:

  • Small/Medium
  • Medium/Large 
  • Large/Extra Large 

I tested a pair in the Large/Extra Large size.

As can be seen in the sizing information, the Large/Extra Large extends to 5'10" - that is my height. The fit was good but the tights were almost fully stretched (although not over-stretched). I think an XXL size extending to 6'0" would be have been slightly more comfortable.

The tights themselves feel wonderful when on - really warm and snug. It feels like your legs are completely insulated and warmed.

The interior fleece is very soft and that provides a great wearing experience.

The exterior is smooth and this makes them glide well under trousers.

The brief is quite deep and fits comfortably above the waist.

Colour range

The warmlegs 300 denier fleece-lined thermal tights are available in five colours: 

  • Black 
  • Plum
  • Navy
  • Grey
  • Brown
I trialled a pair in the Brown shade.

Price and availability

The warmlegs 300 denier fleece-lined thermal tights are priced £4.95.


The warmlegs 300 denier fleece-lined thermal tights are very good tights for cold weather. The price is very good for the level of quality.

They provide great insulation and the wearing experience is very pleasant indeed.

My only quibble is that the Large/Extra Large is a little on the small side. As suggested above an XXL size with more leg length would be a welcome additional sizing option.

Check out the rest of the warmlegs range - there are fleece lined leggings, knee highs and more.

Saturday, 26 November 2016